Why hire a professional dog care service (such as Outdoor Adventure Hounds) vs. other dog care options?

Here is a quick look at why hiring a professional dog care provider – such as Outdoor Adventure Hounds – is better for your pet and your own peace of mind.

  1. Dog care professionals are trained, experienced, insured, bonded, and certified in pet first aid. You must trust the person that has access to your pets and home.
  2. The familiarity of seeing the same dog walker is better for your pet. Working with the same pet care company means that your pet will build a relationship with the same person or team.
  3. A professional dog care business can help you create custom-tailored services that are right for your dog. This can be especially important if your dog has medical or behavioral issues.
  4. You can schedule a Meet & Greet before any dog care services to ensure that the dog care provider is a good fit for you and your dog.
  5. When you hire a local dog care business, you are supporting your community and small businesses.
  6. Professional dog care providers that start their own business have decided to make pet care their career, so they will inherently be more responsible than someone working a gig or side-hustle.
  7. When you work with a dog care pro, you’ll know who is with your pets, and you’ll be able to contact them when you need to. When dealing with something as important as caring for your dog and home, you want to work with a business with accountability, including a telephone number you can call that someone will actually answer.
  8. Independent dog care businesses now have all the same technology as the big Uber-type pet care apps.

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