Master’s Degree in Human-Canine Life Sciences from Bergin College of Canine Studies

Received education in canine learning theory, human-canine cognition and communication, and the evolution and innovations of dog-human partnerships. (Tree Schul)

Received training in both the science and practice of dog training, client teaching, and canine behavior. (Tree Schul)

Received training in all areas of dog behavior, including: canine learning theory, pack management, body language, fear and aggression, leash manners and building recall. (Tree Schul)

Trained in pet first aid/CPR

certified with PetTech, “PetSaver Pet CPR, First Aid & Care“, and the Red Cross “Cat and Dog First Aid and CPR”. (Tree Schul)

Fully insured team

Insured with Kennel PRO.

Member of IACP – International Association of Canine Professionals

As a professional organization, the IACP works to educate, promote, support and recognize excellence in the world of dogs. The organization represents all Canine Professionals and provides opportunities for members to communicate, cooperate, and learn from fellow professionals in all sectors of dog care.

Free Smartphone app available

Time to Pet is our online scheduling, communication, and billing software.  Through the app you’ll have 24/7 access to your account; you can schedule services, view invoices and submit payments with ease. With the app you can also contact your Hound Hiker, receive GPS updates on your hound’s hike and receive pics of your hound in action on the trail. The Time to Pet App can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store. You will also be able to access your Time to Pet account via the Client Portal on our website or with any web browser.

We are committed to using ONLY positive reinforcement training and handling methods. All interactions with your hound will be force free and fear free.  We will treat your hound as if they were our own, with focused and loving care.

Use positive reinforcement

Avoid the use of intimidation, physical punishment or fear

Understand the misconceptions of dominance theory

Learn about the canine experience from the dog’s point of view

We’ll design the perfect adventure for your hound!