When your dog hikes with Outdoor Adventure Hounds, everyone benefits.

When your dog hikes with Outdoor Adventure Hounds, everyone benefits.

Stress Relief

Imagine your relief when coming home to a tired, relaxed and well-behaved dog. No more dreading that end-of-the-day, embarrassing “walk” around the block – where your overly-hyper dog lunges at every butterfly, pees 20 times, and yanks your arm out of the socket as he pulls you erratically down the sidewalk. Your neighbors will miss the show.

No More Guilt

You know that look. The one you get when you close the crate door as you prepare to leave for work or a day away from home. Dogs are social animals and it’s hard on them to be alone all day. Now you can rest easy knowing your dog has had a chance to run and play outdoors during the day, blowing off steam and engaging with their friends.

Ease and Convenience

With our convenient pick-up and drop-off service, you’re free to go about your day. No need to try and schedule around the kid’s activities, extended work hours, or that afternoon golf game.

Every day is the best day.

A day spent exploring and playing outside with friends or romping down a forest trail has to be the best day ever. Regular exercise and enrichment will help make sure your hound is a great hound.

Happy humans, happy life.

Dog owners know that a tired dog is a good dog, and a well-behaved hound will be able to enjoy more quality time bonding with their favorite humans.

Looking good and feeling good.

Regular hikes can help your hound maintain a healthy weight, lower their risk of secondary diseases, and increase their lifespan. So, get them off the couch and out on the trails!

Exercise, engagement, and enrichment are key contributors for a dog’s overall positive quality of life. Hiking will provide your hound with an abundance of physical and mental stimulation, as well as provide then with a rich and rewarding sensory experience.

Just like us, dogs need to blow off steam – mentally and physically. And just like us, many dogs also need time with their friends. An outdoor, group hike is a perfect setting for dogs to socialize with other dogs and do what dogs do – explore the world with their noses, run hills, chase friends, wade in streams and swim in lakes.

If your dog is more of a solitary, one-on-one kind of dog, an individual hike in the woods with their favorite Hound Hiker will be a great way for them to experience the great outdoors. Hiking offers a variation in environment and terrain that can be fun and interesting for a dog who likes to explore.  For a shy or fearful dog, individual hiking can be a positive way to boost their confidence and build their enthusiasm for participating in other fun activities.

We all want the very best for our dogs, but sometimes life and obligations prevent us from being able to provide them with the exercise, engagement and enrichment they need in order to be the best dogs. After a day on the trails, your hound won’t have the energy to wonder what treasures lurk in the trash or constantly bark for attention. Instead, they’ll be ready for some positive interaction with you, the human they love and have been waiting all day to see.