I bet you’re wondering…just how will my Hound get to and from the trails? Enter the BARK BUS, or the BRKBUS as it is known to the License Bureau, ha! Here’s what to expect when your hound get’s picked up for their day of fun…

Your hound will be transported in safety and style aboard the BarkBus, temperature controlled with both heat and air conditioning. Each hound will have their own roomy crate – complete with comfy bedding, toy, and water dish. All crates are separated and the hounds will not be able to interact or see each other during the rides, so no chance of bullying going on en route. If your hound is at all nervous about riding in a car or van, we’ll take great care to ensure they are as relaxed and confident as possible on their journey. Lick mats will be provided –  covered in creamy peanut butter, or a tasty treat of your choosing. The licking action is comforting for dogs and the peanut butter will keep their mind on the yum and off the ride. Kong’s filled with kibble are another way to occupy your hound’s mind while on the ride to the trail. Another fun distraction tool for your dog is a snuffle mat – a mat with deep pile and loops. Sprinkle on some dry kibble and your hound will be so busy searching out the tasty tidbits, they will be at their destination before they know it.

The tone for your hound’s hike starts during pick-up. Your Hound Hiker will set the tone for a calm and organized pick-up by ensuring your hound is properly leashed up before exiting your house, and a “wait” will be requested at the door. Is your dog inclined to want to burst out the door without waiting? Talk with us about incorporating some beginning training into your dog’s hiking trip – such as  training a “wait” when entering and exiting a door. Your Hound Hiker will get your dog loaded onto the BarkBus and settled into their crate, ensuring good air flow and comfort for your dog. The same process will take place when exiting the Barkbus – your dog will be leashed up and a “wait” will be expected prior to and after exiting. Once your hound’s paws hit the trail – the fun begins!

Starting and ending each hike in a calm and controlled manner ensures safety for all during the hike.