Mary S.

“Charley LOVES Tree! I didn’t think I would ever be saying this – but Tree takes better care of my baby than even I do! I am so happy we discovered hiking for dogs, where has this idea been all our lives? Since I work during the day, I’ve always worried about Charley being lonely and bored while I’m away, but not anymore.  Thanks for making Charley a happy dog!”

John and Ann H.

“I don’t know what we’d do without Tree and OAH! Before we discovered there was such a thing as dog hiking, we really weren’t able to get our Goldendoodle, Swag, much exercise, as both of us work all day. But now, Swag LIVES for hike days! We can definitely see the improvement in Swag, he is more relaxed and he’s a Happy Hound lol! We no longer feel bad about leaving Swag home alone, we know he will be having more fun on hike days than we are for sure!”

IdaEllen T.

“I don’t get around as well as I used to, so unfortunately I don’t walk Gracie like she needs. I am so happy with Tree and how she works with Gracie. I’m glad Gracie gets to go out and about, it makes us both happy.”

Robert D.

“Hiking with OAH has really helped our older lab/mix, Molly, with her mobility issues. She now looks forward to being outside and her energy level is the best in years! Molly now waits by the door for Tree on hike days!”

Ryan M.

“We vacation in SW Missouri and love to take our pup with us. But when we spend the day on the golf courses at Big Cedar, we have to leave Beans in a kennel in our room. Not fun for Beans!  Now that we discovered Tree and her hiking company, it’s been a perfect solution to our vacation dilemma. It’s like Beans gets vacation fun too! Thanks Tree!”