Because it’s fun and they’ll have a great time! There are lots of benefits to signing your dog up for daily or weekly hiking trips. A dog who is home alone all day often suffers from boredom, and a bored dog often gets himself into trouble. With idle paws and too much extra, pent-up energy, is likely your dog will find ways of releasing that energy in ways we humans don’t like; such as destructive chewing, counter surfing, or excessive jumping and barking. A dog who engages in destructive behaviors cannot be allowed the run of the house while you are away, which often results in the dog being crated for hours at a time.  As a dog Mom or Dad, you probably don’t enjoy crating  your fur baby for long periods of time. Hiking will get your dog out of the house and out in the great outdoors, where they can run and play, explore and sniff…and burn off that extra energy. A tired dog is a good dog.