Tree Schul


It would be hard for me to turn my dogs over to just anybody, even if it was only for a couple hours of hiking. I would need to have some sense of what this person was about – who are they, are they qualified, can I trust them? So, I’d like to give you a sense of who I am and what is important to me, and why I started this business. Through this introduction, it is my hope that you will feel confident your dog will be safe and in good hands while under my care.

Outside is my happy place. And if I have a dog or two at my side, that just makes things even better. I’m at home hiking a forest trail, sunshine and wind in my face, and rocks, dirt and pine needles under my boots.  I’m equally happy out on cold, rainy, stormy, snowy days.  (Weird, I know.) I love hiking 14’ers in the Colorado mountains, digging for crystals in Arkansas, and walking endless miles of shell-covered beaches in Sanibel, Florida. I’m more than a little bit of a rock nerd. I’ve never been afraid of taking on the unknown, and the bigger the challenge, the more I like it.  I value character, integrity and honor, and hold dear my friendships. I can see humor in almost all situations, and I strive to always see the positive and to be enthusiastic and engaged in life.

In October 2018, I completed a 22-year career working as a Probation & Parole Officer for the States of Kansas and Missouri. I learned a great deal about people and life over those years, and I am better for having had the varied experiences this career provided me.  After leaving my job, I decided I wanted to start a second career; one where I could be outside as much as possible and one that involved the inclusion of dogs in my work. In the beginning, I didn’t have a clear vision of what this new career looked like, I just knew I wanted to work with dogs and that I would need education and training to learn about “all things dog” in order to put things in motion. In December 2019, I obtained a master’s degree in Human-Canine Life Sciences from Bergin College of Canine Studies in Pengrove, California. It was during these challenging studies that a fascination with the Human-Canine bond took hold. In an effort to further strengthen my education of how dogs think and learn, I participated in the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional Program. This intensive training program enabled me to further understand the dynamic bond and endless learning potential that can take place between people and dogs.

Through my studies and training, I came to realize how much exercise, engagement and enrichment contribute to the positive overall quality of life for dogs; while at the same time, helping to establish a harmonious relationship between dog and owner. Be it dog or dog owner, I believe we all need positive interaction with others, in an environment that allows us to both learn and thrive. It was with this idea in mind that my new career and business concept was born. I decided my objective would be to help improve the human-canine relationship, from both sides.

We all lead busy lives, and every minute counts. At Outdoor Adventure Hounds, we can help you as a dog owner by freeing up your time and taking over the task of  providing your beloved pup with a wellness routine. We can simplify and ease your day-to-day care responsibilities by taking your dog on regularly scheduled hikes and swims; ensuring they get the necessary exercise and engagement needed for them to be at their best – physically and mentally.  As a dog parent – you can feel confident you are doing the best you can for your pup, and that your dog is living a rewarding, happy life. At the same time, you receive the perk of getting extra time back in your day.

We can help improve your dog’s world by providing them regular access to mental and physical stimulation. Hiking allows your dog the opportunity to smell, see, feel, and hear all types of new and interesting things.  As humans, we often take for granted these daily encounters and stimuli, and we can easily forget that these experiences are often the highlights of our dog’s day. Regular hikes will help your pup release excess energy, resulting in calmer behavior at home. As the saying goes – a tired dog is a good dog.

Our goal is to help you and your hound live your best possible lives. A well-behaved dog is enjoyable for a pet parent to be around, and thus can result in more shared quality time together. With regular hikes with Outdoor Adventure Hounds, your dog receives all of the exercise and attention they deserve, while you get back a great deal of time.  Everyone wins!

Thanks for choosing to hike with Outdoor Adventure Hounds, let the adventure begin!